Washing/Care for your pads

  • After Skate - DO NOT leave in the sun for very long, direct sunlight will break down the neoprene.
  • After Skate - Some people spray their pads with lysol hydrogen peroxide spray after they skate. This kills the bacteria.
  • After Skate - Store in an open or well ventilated bag, not in the trunk of your car.
  • After Skate - Try throwing a Dryer sheet in your bag. This Keeps your pads smelling fresh.

Washing is recommended periodically

  • When Washing - make sure all the velcro is fastened.
  • When Washing - You can wash in the washing machine, maybe try white distilled vinegar, apple cider vinegar, or pinesol.
  • When Washing - NO BLEACH!
  • When Washing - DO NOT REMOVE CAPS!
  • After Washing - DO NOT DRY IN THE DRYER! Let them air dry.

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