Youth Sparkling Clean



Geertsen Clothing moved everything back to the USA in 1995, after a few years of establishment in England. The skate scene had taken a dark turn: skateparks bulldozed, vert ramps torn down or cut into mini ramps, a few friends & Iconic skaters either dead, behind bars or slaves to their addictions. Entering back into the scene seemed to be a daunting venture.

In 1997 Geoff Geertsen and Joey Burt went to the A.S.R (Action Sports Retailer) trade show in San Diego. Every long road trip affords lots of time to think and brainstorm. Geoff wanted to keep a fresh clean look to the company, to set it apart from the darkness that surrounded the skate scene. He was plagued with the thoughts of how to put this image across.

On the way back to Northern Utah, Geoff and Joey stopped at Brian Head Ski resort for a day of snowboarding. since it was late, they decided to stay the night in a chalet on the top of the mountain. As they walked through and inspected the accommodations, Geoff went into the bathroom, lifted up the toilet seat and was hit by pure inspiration... There, across the seat was a strip of paper that said... "SPARKLING CLEAN * FOR YOUR PROTECTION".

Freshly cleaned and sanitized. From that point on, the subliminal motto of Geertsen Clothing has been "SPARKLING CLEAN * FOR YOUR PROTECTION".



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