Geoff Geertsen Neil Blender TJ
Friday Apr 8 2011
Geertsen Clothing Co. added 7 new photos to the album People.

Tana Conde Awesome pics Jeff!

Geertsen Clothing Co. Lots of Years of good times. You guys need to come visit so Dan and Drew can come surf with me.
Neil Blenders art show in Laguna Beach
Friday Apr 8 2011

Lorraine Claire Spedding Geertsen Hahaha Look at our body guard in the back hahaha... It looks like Neil is wearing a sombrero

Charlie Sky Maude Geertsen Somebody must have been looking at me wrong.... Derek looks pissed!! lol

Lorraine Claire Spedding Geertsen lol I know! he has his serious face on

Chyan Autumn LaPlant haha priceless
Geoff backside boneless one
Friday Apr 8 2011

Dave Geertsen Slob
Friday Apr 8 2011

Geoff Geertsen Frontside boneless somewhere in Vegas
Friday Apr 8 2011

Dave Geertsen i dont think this is me, looks like it though

Dave Geertsen maybe , i have a watch on my left hand

Geertsen Clothing Co. Wasn't this when we went to vegas with troy and frank. i remember seeing this ditch in north las vegas and we pulled over and skated it.

Troy Lindquist It was the bird ramp trip!
Geoff Geertsen Backside air to 50-50
Friday Apr 8 2011

Paul Williams Love the "old school' wide board with side rails! Was this pic taken at your backyard ramp?

Geertsen Clothing Co. Yea paul this was the ramp in sandy... I still like the old boards..

Paul Williams You guys put on some great "expos" there! It was a great ramp!
Dave Geertsen Ogden
Friday Apr 8 2011