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Saturday Aug 25 2012
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Thursday Aug 23 2012
Geertsen Bowler - Ready to ship with additional color selections.


Genevieve Sharon Rammell Is this cool or hot! Or, is this cool or WHOT!
New colors ready to ship http//geertsencom/product/TeesFree 7 inch
Thursday Aug 23 2012
New colors ready to ship.


Free 7 inch window sticker with every order.

Clothes line in the northeast of England
Wednesday Aug 15 2012
Geertsen Clothing has been known to outlast some houses. (somewhere in the Northeast of England by the Scottish border)

Naomi Walker Hancock REALLY cool photo, love it!

Kirsty L. Hale I think I drove by that washing line sometime last week!

Geertsen Clothing Co. Kirsty. Were the shirts still there?

Kirsty L. Hale Yeah! Still looking exactly the same as the day they left the unit in Hebburn! :p

Leila Geertsen Wigglesworth Didn't they have a fire there too? Amazing.
Geoff Geertsen Raw Silk
Wednesday Aug 15 2012
Geertsen Raw Silk Button Up with Moab Stone buttons.

Stuart Meece raw silk is my favorite

Geertsen Clothing Co. Mine too Stuart, hemp is also on the top of the list.

Stuart Meece hemp and twill which is flax yah?

Geertsen Clothing Co. we did some experimenting with suites made of flax.
Geertsen V-Box Jacket Cotton Twill
Tuesday Aug 14 2012
Geertsen V-Box Jacket Cotton Twill.

Geertsen Button Up hoody on Brighton Beach England
Tuesday Aug 14 2012
Geertsen Button Up hoody on Brighton Beach, England

Saige Audre Geertsen My favorite!

Alexander Martyn Chester This will kill here. You could totally focus on this as your lead. Love it - want one
Hot off the presses Everyones favorite light weight
Saturday Aug 11 2012
Hot off the presses. Everyones favorite, light weight athletic Ash 5.9 oz. LOCALS ONLY - GEERTSEN tee. S-XL


Paddy Chester I better get one of these when I get back :)

Geertsen Clothing Co. I've got one right on the end of the cutting table for you paddy. hurry back.!

Alexander Martyn Chester Yes please

Aasmund Lauken Save on of these in large, G :-)

Geertsen Clothing Co. You got it aasmond. When will you be stopping by?

Aasmund Lauken Sometime between 22nd and 29th when i come down from San Francisco. Will give you a call when i know for sure :-) Will take the opportunity to stock up on some other Geertsen items too when I am there!
GEERTSEN Jackets have been worn by royalty and
Saturday Aug 11 2012
GEERTSEN Jackets have been worn by royalty and peasants for almost 20 years.

Cris Draper And look sharp too!

Jon Geertsen Which one am I Geoff?

Paul Van Komen Is that the unforgettable Fire castle

Geertsen Clothing Co. Jon. You are a little of both.

Geertsen Clothing Co. Paul I can't remember.... so it must not be, because I forgot.

Adrian L Roach wow, that was back in the day! I feel old now. I still have some of my stuff from back then.

Geertsen Clothing Co. Adrian .... built to last!

Shannon Deem Sagers WOW Jon, That was forever ago!!!

Mike Walkenhorst Jon, you hot!

Jon Geertsen I was 15 back then. Sexy eh?

Karl Fasa I still have one of the first gertson jackets from tedco jarrow 20yrs ago. red checked jacket open to offers

Geertsen Clothing Co. Post pictures karl

Tom Dailey Marc, which are we?

Andrew Roach I still remember that photo of the young peasant.

Kelley Jones Meier Lookin good jacket boy!

Leila Geertsen Wigglesworth Jonathan Charles! Sounds like royalty to me.
British Tweed Suite along site the River Tyne
Friday Aug 10 2012
Another classic along the River Tyne in the North East of England. Ben Dobson modeling a Geertsen-English Tweed Suite.

Gabrielle Bonavito Burch Beckingham It's something Sugg's would have worn with pride.

Geertsen Clothing Co. Madness was just in San Diego too.. dang... i could have hooked him up.