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Sunday Jul 29 2012
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Geertsen Clothing Co added a new photo
Saturday Jul 21 2012
Geertsen Clothing Co. added a new photo.

Ty Shiffler Dude, you're a stud

Kelly Noble Zunie Right ON!!

William Geertsen Nice going!! When are you planning to come over seas to the Netherlands? ;)

Geertsen Clothing Co. we are actually looking for a distributor in the Netherlands!!

William Geertsen OK, I did have a serieus confersation with nu Brother, Eric-Jan Geertsen, and are enthousiastic about this. Only problem is that neighter of us knows something about the cloth selling business. Is there some way to learn this in a short time? We do have One thing ahead, and that is our family name!

Geertsen Clothing Co. We would love that. We have lots of customers in that part of the world.
FREE 7 inch Window Sticker with every order
Saturday Jul 21 2012
FREE 7 inch Window Sticker with every order.

Follow us on instagram geertsen Free stickers if
Monday Jul 16 2012
Follow us on instagram @geertsen

Free stickers if you post pictures of you wearing your new Geertsen Clothing.

Sticker Tag
Monday Jul 9 2012
First person to get a picture with this geertsen sticker at common sense gas station in bountiful UT. Gets a free tee!! Upload your pic!

TieUp knit tops
Friday Jul 6 2012
TieUp knit tops.

Shawn Anshutz I really hope this is a stock photo, because Mustang H. Anshutz will be very hurt if you used another Dalmatian.

Geertsen Clothing Co. this was from a photo shoot we did 16 years ago. in england.

Shawn Anshutz Ok then he forgives you, he wasnt exactly born then.

Kirsty L. Hale Who is that with Jorge?? :) I remember these clothes so well.. I had two jackets. :)

Lorraine Claire Spedding Geertsen Some random chick with a cute dog we met on shields beach yonkies ago :)

Kirsty L. Hale Ha ha.. I was thinking my memory must be really bad cos I don't remember her.. :p

Dave Geertsen Burlap bags...

Shawn Anshutz If you ever want to borrow Mustang for a photo shoot let me know. ;)
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Thursday Jul 5 2012
Limited Quantity Geertsen Girls Oval
***Order Today***

Lorraine Claire Spedding Geertsen ....Saige just got outta bed ;) hahahaha love this!

Chip Ormond The t is cool but that model is really cute. Where do u find ur models?

Geertsen Clothing Co. The Models are home grown. Thanks Chip

Abi Galland I want one of these!!
South Shields Beach Linen GEERTSEN shirts
Thursday Jul 5 2012
South Shields Beach Linen GEERTSEN shirts


Daniela Ferreira QUE DIFERENÇ

Jessi Johnson Carreras Back to the 80s hahaha I bad a good laugh

Geertsen Clothing Co. I have a few more i will post from that day.
100% linen with stone Buttons
Thursday Jul 5 2012
100% linen with stone Buttons

Geertsen Clothing Co added a new photo
Thursday Jul 5 2012
Geertsen Clothing Co. added a new photo.

Lorraine Claire Spedding Geertsen Haha. Wow I was 23 here.

Heather Hubbard Chester Lol;)

Louise Adair Whey aye!

Gladys Carlin looking good Lorrainexx
NOW IN STOCK http//geertsencom/product/JUST-ARRIVED
Wednesday Jul 4 2012

Alexander Martyn Chester Got one. Love it
Geoff Geertsen South Shields Beach
Tuesday Jul 3 2012
Geertsen Bedford Cord Box Jacket.
Geertsen SeaSide Canvas Shirt.
Geertsen Brushed Twill Jeans.
ADIDAS shell toes

Alex Chester Helping in the factory between sales trips
Tuesday Jul 3 2012
Mr. Chester helping with a little finishing while in between sales trips.

Heather Hubbard Chester I love that boy!!!

Gisele Fife Conlee Who is that young bloke?!

Amanda Jackson See that's how I remember u. With your floppy hair.

Alexander Martyn Chester I wish I had floppy hair. I wish I had hair

Jason Carruthers I remember those days,

Alexander Martyn Chester Those were great days Jay

Jason Carruthers Did you know sam williams went on is mission yesterday ?

Alexander Martyn Chester Yes so cool. His mum will miss him so much. I bet it was a very emotional time for everyone

Melanie Braithwaite Hall Bit late into the conversation!... But I have pics with u n floppy hair... I also have a pair of ur tortoise shell sunglasses :) 1989... scary ... We getting (got) old! :)

Alexander Martyn Chester I want to see the pic. And the sunglasses!!!??? I loved those glasses. Crazy

Lorraine Claire Spedding Geertsen I loved those checky shirts. And what a good lookin Rep ;)

Tyler Curtis Ormond I could go for one of those! I'll take a red and blue!
Custom Made Jute Grass Suite
Monday Jul 2 2012
Geertsen Suite Made of 100% Jute Grass. one of my favorite materials to work with. and it always had an english country side smell to it.

Leah Delozier Smith You made this? I like it.

Geertsen Clothing Co. Yea we made a bunch of custom suites, with lots of different materials.

Holly Keefer Dwyer That is so good looking!

Duce Stoddard That's the Geoff I remember. Nothing Oxfam here.