We had a good crew out today in
Sunday Oct 9 2016

We had a good crew out today in Herriman. Amberleigh Claire Geertsen Ava Geertsen Russell Damon Rob Mathis Park Buetler. Jim Noble Ryder Mathis. Curt Chapman Dave Geertsen. Then Mark Winkelaar Dropped a dollar on the deck and says he drove all the way down from Logan to see me do a front side Air... I couldn't let him leave dissapointed... Thanks for the photo @skatedaworld Dan Hughes Geertsen Clothing Co. with Geoff Geertsen.

Geoff Geertsen Thanks Rob Mathis get your board sorted out and let's get back at it next week. thanks for your motivation

Dan Hughes Nice Air!

Mark Winkelaar Steezy, nice shot Dan. Worth every penny!

Geertsen Clothing Co. Mark Winkelaar I passed the buck to Rob Mathis son Ryder. He dropped into the big bowl 3 times tonight so smooth and solid.

Rob Mathis Great job Geoff Geertsen ????????

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