Warp Tour Deck
Wednesday Mar 31 2010

Old and New

Bianca Jensen Summerill I am so impressed!!!

Geertsen Clothing Co. Gary over the last 17 years we have had about 400 different products in shops in england, norway, canada, italy and the US. and also available through the website http://www.geertsen.com every once in a while we will bring back a retro style and reproduce it. At the minute we are just getting our tees back in stock with some new designs. Our girls line is coming out soon.

Angie Geertsen Graham Awesome Geoff...we will have to go shopping!!

Lisa DuPaul Moran Can't wait to see the girls line!

Geertsen Clothing Co. Linda. Dave doesn't do any of the clothing, but he is running our Locals Only Skateboard team. Leah. we will have a longish skateboard 33 inches. we also have a longboard surfboard