TieUp knit tops
Friday Jul 6 2012

TieUp knit tops.

Shawn Anshutz I really hope this is a stock photo, because Mustang H. Anshutz will be very hurt if you used another Dalmatian.

Geertsen Clothing Co. this was from a photo shoot we did 16 years ago. in england.

Shawn Anshutz Ok then he forgives you, he wasnt exactly born then.

Lorraine Claire Spedding Geertsen Some random chick with a cute dog we met on shields beach yonkies ago :)

Kirsty L. Hale Ha ha.. I was thinking my memory must be really bad cos I don't remember her.. :p

Dave Geertsen Burlap bags...

Shawn Anshutz If you ever want to borrow Mustang for a photo shoot let me know. ;)