Ready to ship the New GEERTSEN Fedora Hats
Thursday May 13 2010

Ready to ship. the New GEERTSEN Fedora Hats

Russ Espin haaa soo sik....good work!!!

Michelle Peel Solomita ordered!

Geertsen Clothing Co. cool thanks michelle. you forgot the use the promo code MAYFRIEND for the 20% discount I will adjust it when we process it.

Michelle Peel Solomita oops, thx :)

Ryan Brijs Want one ASAP!

Kat Gates u know i'll b stylin in that hat!!! : )

Nate Sharp Wow!! Love that hat!!

Geertsen Clothing Co. Yea Nate, we have a few more coming soon that will be a little more pricey

Lotte Geertsen I like it!

Chip Ormond Looks cool. hopefully this will bring enough dough to cover the English chocolates....

Geertsen Clothing Co. hat sizes. Small 21-21 1/2 inches around your head Med 22-22 1/2 inches around your head Large 22 3/4-23 inches around your head

Nate Sharp What a freaken cool hat!!!

Lorraine Claire Spedding Geertsen LUV that Hat! and luv Kat in the hat ;) haha

Jan Geertsen <-- need it ;)

Geertsen Clothing Co. We are down to the last few hats, If you want one you better order quick.

Heath Warnock I need an XL.

Leila Geertsen Wigglesworth Nathan are you related to David Sharp?