GEERTSEN Jackets have been worn by royalty and
Saturday Aug 11 2012

GEERTSEN Jackets have been worn by royalty and peasants for almost 20 years.

Cris Draper And look sharp too!

Paul Van Komen Is that the unforgettable Fire castle

Geertsen Clothing Co. Jon. You are a little of both.

Geertsen Clothing Co. Paul I can't remember.... so it must not be, because I forgot.

Adrian L Roach wow, that was back in the day! I feel old now. I still have some of my stuff from back then.

Geertsen Clothing Co. Adrian .... built to last!

Shannon Deem Sagers WOW Jon, That was forever ago!!!

Mike Walkenhorst Jon, you hot!

Karl Fasa I still have one of the first gertson jackets from tedco jarrow 20yrs ago. red checked jacket open to offers

Geertsen Clothing Co. Post pictures karl

Andrew Roach I still remember that photo of the young peasant.

Kelley Jones Meier Lookin good jacket boy!

Leila Geertsen Wigglesworth Jonathan Charles! Sounds like royalty to me.