Alex Chester Helping in the factory between sales trips
Tuesday Jul 3 2012

Mr. Chester helping with a little finishing while in between sales trips.

Heather Hubbard Chester I love that boy!!!

Amanda Jackson See that's how I remember u. With your floppy hair.

Alexander Martyn Chester I wish I had floppy hair. I wish I had hair

Jason Carruthers I remember those days,

Alexander Martyn Chester Those were great days Jay

Alexander Martyn Chester Yes so cool. His mum will miss him so much. I bet it was a very emotional time for everyone

Melanie Braithwaite Hall Bit late into the conversation!... But I have pics with u n floppy hair... I also have a pair of ur tortoise shell sunglasses :) 1989... scary ... We getting (got) old! :)

Lorraine Claire Spedding Geertsen I loved those checky shirts. And what a good lookin Rep ;)

Tyler Curtis Ormond I could go for one of those! I'll take a red and blue!