Izzy and Geoff at the Geertsen Factory Surfers Healing
Tuesday Mar 13 2012

Old School Longboard Pro Izzy Paskowitz stopped by the Geertsen Office today. Check out what he is doing for Autism with Surfers Healing. http://vimeo.com/31822987


Diane Brown Moore Cool...thanks for sharing...nice story!

Kelly Noble Zunie Thanks Geoff!

Geertsen Clothing Co. Thanks goes to Izzy and all the people involved. I have been at the beach and seen the faces of a lot of happy kids as a result of what Surfers Healing is doing.

Mark Winkelaar Stoked! What a revolutionary surfing family! Rad organization!!

Pat Proffit Awesome! So interesting to me because I have an autistic grandson (high functioning tho) He LOVES the water!! Great work this Izzy guy is doing

Leila Geertsen Wigglesworth People who make a difference.