If you know Rolf you know he is
Sunday Oct 25 2020

If you know Rolf, you know he is a consistent rad skater. Rolf showed up to yesterdayâ??s session and realized he forgot his helmet. Because he has always worn his helmet, he is still smart enough to know he shouldnâ??t skate without one. He drove 30 minutes to go get his helmet. A few hours later as the session was winding down, he slid out and smacked his head pretty hard. Today he is feeling OK.

Nobody is too good or too cool to not WEAR A HELMET.

If you want to skate the bowl at Lehi and donâ??t have one, hit us up, we will try to put you in touch with someone that has an extra to lend or give.


Comment below if you Have an extra helmet to pass on. And tag a friend who doesnâ??t have one.

Thanks for catching this video. @marshall__miller

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